DiT Committee

The Doctors in Training (DiT) Committee reports to the Advisory Council and has functions including:

  • receiving feedback from trainee medical officers about relevant safety and quality matters and to advocate to health services about trainee medical officer training, health and welfare issues,
  • develop position statements and policies that support the education, training, health and welfare of student and trainee medical officers and
  • provide comment on documents relating to trainee medical officer education, training and welfare.

The Terms of Reference for the DiT Committee is available here.


Member Position on DiTC
Dr Samantha Jolly (Chair) the Advisory Council Member (prevocational medical trainees)
Dr Jason Nair the Advisory Council  Deputy Member (prevocational medical trainees)
Dr Sean Jolly the Advisory Council Member (vocational trainees)
Dr Gabriella Graves the Advisory Council  Deputy Member (vocational trainees)
Dr Monica Chen the Advisory Council Member (medical students)
Dr Stephen McManis the Advisory Council Deputy Member (medical students)
Dr Sara Stephensen CHSALHN Intern
Dr Naomi Hughes SALHN Intern
Dr Mekha John CALHN Intern
Dr Denise Braica CALHN Intern
Dr Mary Langley WCHN PGY2+
Dr Chelsea Patterson SALHN PGY2+
Dr Cristina Valero SALHN PGY2+
Vacant PGY2+
Dr Stefan Court-Kowalski JMO Forum Chair
Dr Fayzah Mutlib TMO at any level (SALHN Intern)
Vacant Representative from Accreditation or Education Committee

View the recent activities of the DiT Committee hereActivities

Intern guide – ‘Surviving the First Month of Internship’

The DiT Committee has developed an informative and practical guide to surviving your first month of internship and commencing your employment in the public health system. We think this will be a useful document for interns, especially during the busy and stressful first few weeks. View the Surviving the first month of internship guide.

Useful smartphone applications

View the DiT Committee’s list of useful smartphone applications.