The South Australian Medical Education and Training (SA MET) Health Advisory Council (Advisory Council) was formed in 2013 as an unincorporated Health Advisory Council established by, and reporting to, the Minister for Health and Ageing in South Australia. SA MET has the key roles of developing education and training and the accreditation of postgraduate training posts in South Australia. These roles were previously undertaken by predecessor organisations, the South Australian Institute of Medical Education and Training (SA IMET) and the Postgraduate Medical Council of South Australia (PMCSA).

SA MET operates on the principles that:

  1. Safety and quality of patient care is the primary aim of clinical education and training.
  2. Learning and clinical care are integral to each other.
  3. The primary focus of medical education and training should be patient-centred learning in the clinical environment.
  4. Medical education and training can occur successfully in different environments using various models.
  5. Independent accreditation is the appropriate mechanism for ensuring medical education standards.
  6. Education and training are most effective in a well supervised and supportive environment.

The SA MET HAC is supported by the SA MET Unit staff, who provide secretariat support for the council and manage the accreditation activities of the council. In addition the SA MET Unit undertakes a range of other medical education, training and workforce functions for the South Australian health system. These include internship applications and allocation, Trainee Medical Officer (TMO) applications and job matching, junior medical officer workforce planning, education support (workshops,  e-learning and assessment) and research.