Senior Medical Officers: Planning for retirement?

A workshop to commence planning for a successful transition to retirement.

Thank you for your interest however this seminar is now fully booked. 

The Chief Medical Officer and the South Australian Medical Education and Training (SA MET) Unit is offering senior medical staff, who are planning to retire in the next five years, the opportunity to attend a two hour seminar on retirement preparation.

A successful transition from working to retirement requires adaption to change and flexibility, often these are difficult adaptions to make.  For many, a large part of their personal identity and sense of purpose comes from their work.  For others, work may provide their main social outlet and their work with patients is a passion that sustains them. Others may be excited about the idea of retirement and look forward to the freedom they perceive will happen.  As we all know it’s imperative to plan this stage of our lives, just as much as we planned and worked towards becoming a doctor, we need to consider what will provide us with meaning and purpose during retirement as well of course with financial independence.

Key speakers include Dr Roger Sexton from Doctors Health SA, Associate Professor Alison Jones and a representative from Super SA.  Topics will include caring for your health, utilising your passion and skills in retirement, overcoming obstacles preventing you from moving onto new challenges and changes and financial advice.

Learning Outcomes and Skill Development

At this seminar you will:

  • Understand how to develop meaningful activities to undertake in retirement
  • Understand some of the issues concerning financial planning for retirement
  • Commence preparing mentally for retirement.
  • Develop knowledge of support for retirement.
  • Commence an action plan for transition to retirement.

When:        Wednesday 15 August 2018

Registrations and coffee from 16.00 Seminar 16.30-19.00

Where:       Adelaide Pavilion

Veale Gardens, cnr South Tce and Peacock Road, Adelaide.

Contact:     Ronda Bain, Regional Training Manager, SA Medical Education and Training, Ph: 8226 5913; E: