Building Work Resilience

Building and maintaining resilience at work can assist us to deal with constant change, higher workloads and shifting expectations of customers, in a world that is becoming increasingly complex and ambiguous. Resilience is a dynamic state that we can maintain and develop.

Resilience at work can be defined as:

‘An individual’s capacity to manage the everyday stress of work and remain healthy, rebound and learn from unexpected setbacks, and prepare for future challenges by anticipating and innovating’. – Kathryn McEwen 2016

GPEx and SA MET are pleased to offer medical officers, nursing and midwifery staff and allied health staff the opportunity to attend a full day interactive training in building resilience. This training has been developed particularly for the medical workforce and the stressors and demands that are placed upon them as a consequence of the requirements of their work, and also their commitment, pride in their work and often perfectionist nature.

Based on concepts of positive psychology and elements of the work of Professor Martin Seligman, Dr Michelle McQuaid and Kathryn McEwen, this training addresses the components of Resilience at Work (R@W) Sustain 7©, a measure of workplace resilience developed by Dr Kathryn McEwen.

Building Work Resilience training will enable you to:

  • Outline what creates meaning and purpose within your daily activities and work practices
  • Build realistic optimism to maintain a focus on solutions to setbacks and problems
  • Monitor your performance and mood and develop strategies to maintain positive mood
  • Demonstrate differing methods of managing stress including mindfulness and gratitude
  • Develop a plan to address periods of high stress and pressure and implement behaviour, and emotional and cognitive strategies to maintain wellbeing and resilience.

Cost: $210 per person, lunch and refreshments provided.

Registrations are now open for a full day of training on November 11, 2019.