Occupational Therapy training for Doctors

Date: Wednesday 9 August 2017 6:30pm-8:30pm

Cost: $50

Rochelle Mutton is a registered Occupational Therapist (OT) who has worked her entire career within the paediatric setting. Her experience spans from Australia across to California and London working with children with a diverse range of needs. Rochelle is specifically trained as a Sensory Integration Therapist which is considered the gold standard in assessment and training in this area world wide.

Do you see patients that present with:
• meltdowns and tantrums?
• difficulty listening?
• are constantly on the go?
• clumsy?
• have trouble focusing?
• poor handwriting
• have the need to touch everything?
• are picky eaters?
• struggling with play skills?
Are you aware that these presentations may very well stem from poor sensory processing?

Attend this workshop to find out how to pin point these symptoms and learn the referral path to getting your patient the help they need.

During this workshop Rochelle will share with you:
• How to recognise the symptoms present at home and school that can be related back to difficulties in sensory integration – its about treating the underlying cause not the symptom to create lasting change
• Research behind the patterns and prevalence of sensory integration difficulties and diagnoses associated with this
• Research around the effectiveness of Sensory Integration
• How to confidently and efficiently use an online tool to evaluate the need to refer a patient to an OT for a Sensory Integration Assessment.
• How an OT assesses Sensory Integration
• What an OT does to improve Sensory Integration and can any OT do thisThe presenting symptoms of a child who may be self-harming due to possible underlying sensory integration challenges and the systematic approach to managing their care.

You will leave this workshop:
• More aware of conditions that could be improved with Sensory Integration OT
• Understanding what a Sensory Integration OT does
• Confidence in knowing when to refer to a Sensory Integration OT
• A clear step by step system in how to refer patients that would benefit from Sensory Integration OT

To register email rochelle.mutton@gmail.com