Limestone Coast LHN Internship

We warmly invite you to become a valued member of the healthcare team and our local community by completing your internship at Limestone Coast Local Health Network (LCLHN).

Here in the Limestone Coast, you will have the opportunity to get a broad practical experience with rotations being offered in Emergency Medicine, General Medicine, General Surgery, Anaesthetics and General Practice. You will gain valuable experiences to improve your confidence and knowledge, you will also be able to challenge yourself in a supportive environment. The working culture at LCLHN embraces teamwork and all team members are highly valued for the skills and knowledge they contribute to patient care.

Being a member of a smaller cohort of interns, you will have access to individual support from the Medical Education Team and you will also develop close working relationships with your junior and senior medical colleagues including consultants.

This internship will set you up well for future specialty training or a rural generalist career with the potential to continue your PGY2+ years in a rural setting.

For information about the intern application process, please refer to the SA Health Careers website.

Last updated: March 2024