Assessments & Assessment Forms

All prevocational doctors undergo midterm and end-of-term assessments every term. These assessments are based on achievement of the AMC Prevocational Outcome Statements. Prevocational doctors will also be assessed on the four Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) at least ten times throughout each year, noting EPAs are optional for trial implementation during 2024 and will be mandatory from 2025.

The LHN’s Assessment Review Panel will consider midterm and end-of-term assessments in 2024 and both the midterm and end-of-term assessments and EPAs will be considered in 2025.

  • Beginning of term discussion: At the start of every term, there is a meeting between the TMO and their Term Supervisor to discuss the role and the learning objectives for the term. The AMC Beginning of Term Discussion Template can be found here.
  • Midterm assessment: Prevocational doctors will arrange a follow up discussion which can be completed by the Term Supervisor or an additional clinical supervisor, such as registrar or another consultant.
  • End-of-term assessment: This assessment must be completed by the Term Supervisor, who will also assess and provide feedback on whether the prevocational doctor has met the learning objectives identified at the beginning of the term or at an EPA or midterm assessment.

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Assessment Requirements for 2024

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You can download the new assessment forms here: