Entrustable Professional Activities

Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) describe the essential work performed by PGY1&2 doctors. EPAs are a new concept for prevocational medical training and will be used alongside mid-term and end-of-term assessments to increase opportunities for junior doctors to receive valuable feedback. The EPAs in the framework have been developed, with permission, using the Royal Australasian College of Physician Basic Training Curriculum EPA structure and content.

Video from AMC introducing EPAs

Picture from AMC’s Training and Assessment document pg. 21

You can find more information in the AMC’s Training and Assessment document:

  • The description of the EPAs, assessment of EPAs and how they fit within the broader assessment schedule (pg. 45-50)
  • Relationship between outcome statements, end-of-term assessments, and assessments of EPAs (pg. 51)
  • How EPAs are utilised for improving performance (pg. 53-54)
  • Assessment requirements of EPAs and the “Certifying Completion” process (pg. 57-59)
  • EPA Assessment forms (pg. 75-86)
  • The Accreditation Standards related to EPAs (which can be found in AMC’s Training Environment document):
    • Standard 2.3 Assessment requirements (pg. 18)