South Australian Trainee Medical Officer Survey (SATMOS)

The South Australian Trainee Medical Officer Survey (SATMOS) Working Group was established as a result of the SA MET Health Advisory Council endorsement to progress the implementation of a state-wide survey.

After receiving feedback from the Trainee Medical Officers (TMO) groups the SATMOS Working Group decided to concentrate efforts to standardise and introduce an end-of-term survey that would address all South Australian Local Health Networks, TMOs and the SA MET Units needs into one survey. This reduces the number of surveys TMOs are asked to fill in and increases collaboration and transparency between stakeholders.

Stakeholder consultation included Medical Education Officers (MEO), Directors of Clinical Training (DCT), Executive Directors of Medical Services (EDMS), TMOs and interstate counter-parts. Concerns relevant to the various groups were identified.

In March 2020, TMOs (via the DiTC committee) wrote to the DCTs in support of SA MET Unit implementing the SATMOS standardised end of term survey. LHNs, and the Adelaide Pre-vocational Psychiatry Program, will trial the survey during the second half of 2020. SA MET is in the process of finalising details and informing LHNs to enable the survey to be implemented.