South Australian Internship Positions

2024 (Clinical Year) South Australian Medical Internship Application Guideline – contains key dates, eligibility criteria, allocation and recruitment process, FAQs. Presentation Slides: 2024 (Clinical Year) South Australian Medical Internship Application Process

South Australian Local Health Networks (LHNs)

The Local Health Networks have provided training position details below.
Information about accredited terms in South Australia LHNs are also available.

*Barossa Hills Fleurieu Local Health Network (BHFLHN)

Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN)

*Eyre and Far North Local Health Network (EFNLHN)

Flinders and Upper North Local Health Network (FUNLHN)

Limestone Coast Local Health Network (LCLHN)

Northern Adelaide Local Health Network (NALHN)

Riverland Mallee Coorong Local Health Network (RMCLHN)

Southern Adelaide Local Health Network (SALHN)

*Intern positions are subject to Accreditation occurring in late 2023.

National Audit of Intern Acceptances and Unplaced Applicants

The National Audit of Intern Acceptances and Unplaced Applicants identifies applicants who are holding multiple intern acceptances across Australia. Applicants who have accepted more than one intern position will be contacted by the National Audit Data Manager. These applicants are then asked to withdraw from all intern positions, except the one that they intend to undertake for their intern year.

For further information, see National Intern Data Audit

Junior Doctor Training Program – Private Hospital Stream (PHS)

This initiative is designed to increase the nation’s capacity to train medical interns in alternative settings, such as private hospitals, and in rural and regional Australia, where there are traditionally fewer options for internship training.

These places are only available to eligible international full-fee paying medical students from onshore medical schools in Australia having completed all of their medical degree in Australia. For further information visit the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care.

Read an intern’s story. Dr Jerida Burgess is the 2022 SA Junior Doctor of the Year

“When deciding on a profession I aimed to find a career that enabled me to contribute to society in a way that fitted my personal skills and my interests. In my gap year after high school I missed studying, in particular biology, and realised I wanted a career with a focus on life-long learning.

Dr Jerida Burgess

I also realised I wanted a job that centred around interaction with people. I considered a number of career pathways in health before deciding I wanted to be a doctor.

After spending so many years at university in study, it is now exciting to feel like I am starting the journey of being able to contribute.

My career is only six months old, so I am really excited about the broad options still open to me. I really enjoy working and living in rural areas and that is central to my career plan.

I aim to have a varied career, where I am always learning. In addition to clinical work, I would like to find a way to contribute to the health of a larger population than I can see in a clinic on a day-to-day basis. That may be through, research, education, policy development or administrative roles, or hopefully, a mix of the above.“