Intern positions

Applications for the 2018 intern training year will open on  Monday 8 May 2017 and close on Friday 2 June 2017. Intern application requirements and eligibility criteria, for 2018, is published on the SA Health Careers.

Find attached the Guide to part time and job share work for junior doctors in South Australia.

About South Australian Local Health Networks (LHNs)

Local Health Networks (LHNs) have provided training positions descriptions. Information about accredited terms in South Australia’s LHNs is also available.

Intern allocations report

For a detailed report on the Intern allocations in South Australia, please click here.

National Audit of Intern Acceptances

The National Audit of Intern Acceptances identifies applicants who are holding multiple intern acceptances across Australia. Applicants who have accepted more than one intern position will be contacted by the National Audit Data Manager. These applicants are then asked to withdraw from all intern positions, except the one that they intend to undertake for their intern year. For further information, view the National Audit of Acceptances flyer.

Commonwealth Medical Internships (CMI)

The Commonwealth Medical Internships initiative is designed to increase the nation’s capacity to train medical interns in alternative settings, such as private hospitals, and in rural and regional Australia, where there are traditionally fewer options for internship training. CMI places are only available to eligible international full-fee paying medical students from onshore medical schools in Australia having completed all of their medical degree in Australia.

The information below has been developed to provide an overview of the CMI initiative and to assist potential applicants understand how the initiative works.

For further information visit the the Department of Health website.

Intern and PGY2+ allocations report

For a detailed report on the Intern and PGY2+ allocations in South Australia, please click here.