Terms of Use

Terms of Use Intern (Postgraduate Year 1) and Trainee Medical Officer (TMO, Postgraduate Year 2+) Allocation Systems

The allocation process is administered by SA Health, represented by the SA MET Unit (Unit).

The allocation system is not a guarantee of placement or employment. Applicants must meet all application requirements and eligibility criteria. All applications will be checked for eligibility prior to inclusion in the allocation process.

Applicants must provide complete, accurate information in order to be included in the allocation process. Applications may be terminated and/or the applicant removed from the allocation process if incomplete, false or misleading information is provided.

The Unit reserves the right to request further documentation to substantiate information provided by applicants.

The Unit may, in its absolute discretion, refuse to accept and include in the allocation process any applicant who at any previous time has failed for any reason to accept an allocated position or who resigned from employment with the LHN/hospital within a period of six months of his or her appointment or who has been lawfully dismissed by the LHN/hospital from his or her appointment with or without notice for serious misconduct or for failure to comply with the terms of the contract of employment.

You must provide a valid email address and phone number in order to be included in the allocation process. This is used to communicate with you regarding all aspects of your application. It is your responsibility to ensure that all contact details are correct and updated as required. Although the Unit takes all due care for ensuring that communications are sent when required, no responsibility for receipt of communications is taken.

Although the Unit takes its responsibilities in the allocation process seriously and will endeavour to take any steps reasonably and practically available to it to resolve any unforseen issues that may arise, the Unit will not be liable to applicants for any errors or omissions that occur.

The Unit does not provide contracts of employment. If an allocation is made, this is done on behalf of the employing LHN/hospital and is not a binding contract. All employment contracts and conditions of employment are matters for agreement between applicants and the employing LHN/hospital.

The SA MET Unit may provide your details to a national application and/or allocation working party (or equivalent) for the purpose of audits and/or research into the application and/or allocation processes, applicant preferences, applications to multiple jurisdictions and/or acceptance of multiple offers. This body may use this information to contact you regarding offers that you have accepted. If you are not allocated to a position in South Australia your details may be added to a state/territory or national late vacancy management database for managing allocations to unfilled positions or casual vacancies that may arise. By submitting an application for a position you consent to your details being provided for this purpose.

The Unit reserves the right to rescind or withdraw an offer of internship if an applicant is identified as having accepted and/or are holding multiple intern positions in different states and territories of Australia. Applicants will be notified by email prior to this occurring and provided with a deadline by which to respond.

The information you provide may be used for evaluation, monitoring and quality improvement of the application and/or allocation system. This data may also be used for research. De-identified and summary results may be communicated to medical and other professionals via academic and professional methods of communication. Information may also be used to notify you of updates and new material produced.