SA MET Strategic Plan

The South Australian Medical Education and Training Strategic Plan 2021 – 2026 is now available

The Plan identifies a range of strategies to enhance and improve medical education and training for doctors across the medical education continuum. The Strategic Plan has been endorsed by the Minister for Health and Wellbeing and the Chief Executive of SA Health.

The Strategic Plan is a clear and innovative blueprint to guide the delivery of challenging but realistic goals that will improve the quality and coordination of learning, education and training provisions for medical professionals, and enhance partnerships within SA Health and training providers.

Areas of focus for this strategic plan include:

  • Embracing a culture of learning and wellbeing by optimising learning opportunities, encouraging workforce wellbeing and fostering leadership

  • Embedding innovation and collaboration into medical education and training by strengthening relationships with stakeholders and optimising the use of technology

  • Creating workforce agility by improving career planning and pathways, streamlining induction and recognition of prior learning, and identifying educational activities to meet the needs of the evolving medical workforce
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