Central Adelaide LHN Internship

The Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN) is an accredited prevocational (PGY1 and PGY2+) medical training provider. The South Australian Medical Education and Training Unit’s (SA MET) Accreditation Standards provide the framework against which the quality of education, training, support, supervision and welfare are measured and met.

The hospitals within CALHN to which interns are allocated as home-based hospitals are The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Other sites and services in CALHN include Hampstead Rehabilitation Hospital, Glenside Hospital, a range of sub-acute and primary health care services and several statewide services.

CALHN serves the South Australian community through a multidisciplinary patient-focused model, delivering comprehensive medical services and care to manage a diverse range of complex health issues. CALHN is committed to our community through a partnership approach in delivering healthcare that promotes wellness through illness prevention and proactive treatment of disease.

CALHN provides a broad base of clinical experience and has a demonstrated culture of expert teaching and training which is very well supported by senior clinicians and trainees in vocational training programs.

For information about the intern application process, please refer to the SA Health Careers website.

Last updated: March 2024