CALHN internship

The Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN) is an incorporated hospital that provides acute and community services to central metropolitan Adelaide and tertiary services to a wider catchment area.

Hospitals and services within Central Adelaide include the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH), The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH), Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre, Glenside Hospital, a range of sub-acute and primary health care services and a number of state-wide services.

Allocation to a home hospital

Interns who are allocated to Central Adelaide will first be matched as best as possible to their preferred clinical rotations within the LHN. The home hospital (RAH or TQEH) for each Intern will then be determined by which hospital the Intern rotates most to during internship. Interns are likely to have up to a maximum two of five rotations out of their home hospital.

Allocation of rotations

After contracts are issued, interns will also be asked to submit their rotation preferences. The allocation process aims to allow each Intern fair access to their preferred rotations. The allocation process will consider the mandatory requirements of internship, rotation preferences, fair distribution of Night and Relieving terms, a balance of rotations within and external to RAH/TQEH and requested annual leave dates,

Rotation preferences will be considered carefully but cannot be guaranteed. Interns will be informed of their home hospital after the allocation process is completed.

Educational opportunities

Central Adelaide has a wide variety of off-site options available including Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre, Women’s and Children’s Hospital (WCH), Glenside Hospital and Port Augusta (Surgical) Hospital, GP Kadina, GP Port Lincoln and GP Jamestown

All interns should expect to have two rotations external to their home hospital.

  • Medical Grand Rounds are held each week at home hospitals. There are also many departmental meetings which are open to interns to attend.
  • A weekly intern Education Training Program (ETP) is provided at home hospitals.
  • Intern orientated simulation training is provided.
  • Interns will be able to participate in clinical education and quality assurance activities within the services that they are working in.

Other educational opportunities are open for interns who are interested (e.g. Teaching On The Run, Advanced life support etc.).

Administration and Human Resources

Medical Administration Units will look after interns’ human resource needs. Medical Education Units at each home hospital will provide orientation; educational support and pastoral support.  Interns will have their administrative and Human Resource requirements administered by the relevant teams at their allocated home hospital.

For eligibility requirements and to apply please visit SA health careers.