Postgraduate Year 2 and Beyond

PGY2 and Beyond Expression of Interest Guideline

Selection and allocation of Resident Medical Officer (RMO) positions (Postgraduate Year 2 and Beyond) in South Australia occurs on an annual basis. It is undertaken through a centralised Expression of Interest process administered by the South Australian Education and Training Unit (SA MET) on behalf of the South Australian, Department for Health and Wellbeing and South Australian Local Health Networks (LHNs).

SA MET is not the employing body and does not provide employment contracts. Contracts are provided by the relevant networks / SA Health.

Expressions of Interest for RMO positions in South Australia must be completed online through the SA Health Careers website.

Training positions available in South Australian teaching hospitals include:

Basic Vocational or Pre-specialist Training Positions

Programs that focus on specific medical and surgical specialty areas. These positions will provide you with experience in specific clinical specialties and are suitable if you know the specialty career path you wish to follow. In some cases you will need to be accepted by the relevant specialty college prior to appointment and some specialty appointments are made solely by the relevant college organisations. Information regarding appointment processes and deadlines can be obtained from the individual colleges.

Prevocational (General) Training Positions

Programs that provide further hospital experience. These positions will provide you with general rotations through medical, surgical and emergency units and are suitable if you have not yet decided on a specialist training program or wish to obtain more experience.

Allocation of Advanced Specialist Training Positions (Registrars) is not undertaken by SA MET. Recruitment for these positions is undertaken directly by the relevant hospitals/networks.

Please be aware that some training programs may choose to advertise positions outside of SA MET’s centralised allocation process. If you are unsure, we recommend you speak to the relevant training program contact person to clarify.

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