Online Training and Information System (OTIS)

The Online Training and Information System (OTIS) is a custom built system, allowing South Australian (SA) hospitals to deliver online training, information and assessment. OTIS is not just an assessment tool but is also designed to link with medical education and training programs. Hospitals can provide orientation and roster information, show videos and presentations, deliver mandatory training and much more. The ability to complete online assessments for junior doctors is also available through OTIS.

Access the Online Training and Information System.

Sunrise EMR & PAS Contact Information 

Some students and staff may be required to undertake Sunrise EMR & PAS Training via OTIS.
Please follow the below contact details if you are required to undertake Sunrise EMR & PAS Training.

Medical Intern applicants: If you are applying for an Medical Internship in South Australia and have completed your degree interstate, you will need to undertake Sunrise Training via OTIS. 

Students: If you are a student who is required to complete Sunrise EMR & PAS Training, please contact your Placement Unit at your University. If you have a general question regarding Sunrise EMR & PAS, please email

SA Health Staff: If you are employed by SA Health, please contact

COVID-19 Response Care Team: If you are employed with the COVID-19 Response Care Team (CRCT), please contact