Prevocational Outcome Statements

Outcome statements and assessment forms should already be familiar to you and the concept will continue in the framework. There will be some improvements but we’re confident this will be an easy transition.

Picture from AMC’s Training and Assessment document pg.10

Below is where you will find information within the AMC’s Training and Assessment document:

  • The description of the prevocational outcome statements (pg. 10-19)
  • How the outcome statements guide the global assessment and “certifying completion” process, (section 3A pg. 47-51 and 57-59)
  • Term assessment forms, (pg. 61 and 67-74)
  • The Accreditation Standards related to Outcome Statements (which can be found in the AMC’s Training Environment document):
    • Standard 2.2 Training Requirements (pg. 17)
    • Standard 2.3 Assessment requirements (pg. 18)
    • Standard 3.1 Work-based teaching and training (pg. 21)
    • Standard 3.3 Supervisor training and support (pg. 23)
    • Standard 3.4 Formal education program (pg. 23-24)
    • Standard 4.3 Communication with prevocational doctors (pg. 29)
  • Requirements for programs and terms related to Outcome statements (pg. 34-37)

Information and training will be provided in 2023.

For additional information, please see the AMC website.