What does this mean for supervisors?

The Australian Medical Council (AMC) National Framework for Prevocational (PGY1 and PGY2) Medical Training has been developed to support medical graduates to achieve their career goals to ensure safe, high quality care for healthcare consumers. Supervision requirements of prevocational trainees includes:

  • All prevocational doctors to have beginning of term discussions.
  • Mid and end of term assessments using the revised Term Assessment Form.
  • Prevocational doctors to be assessed based on achievement of the AMC Prevocational Outcome Statements.
  • Assessment review panels established and trained.
  • PGY1 components of the Framework are to be implemented in 2024 and PGY2 will be implemented in 2025.

Optional activity in 2024:

  • While Entrustable Professional Activity (EPA) assessments will not be a requirement for satisfactory completion until 2025, Local Health Networks (LHNs) may choose to rollout some paper-based EPA assessments in 2024 to increase opportunities for feedback.
  • Prevocational doctors must complete at least two EPAs per term, equating to ten EPA assessments within a 12-month period.

The introduction of the EPA assessments is a new requirement for assessment of prevocational trainees as a result of the development of the Framework.

The Supervisor Guide to Prevocational Training PowerPoint Presentation provides further information about the Framework and the impacts on supervisors.