The accreditation policy outlines the principles that underpin an open and transparent accreditation system.


The guide to accreditation ensures the accreditation processes are efficient and effective.

The guideline for planning an accreditation visit supports the local health network and facilities in developing a visit schedule for the accreditation of their prevocational trainee medical officers (TMOs).

The guide to developing a term description and how to update a term description in ten questions can assist Local Health Networks (LHNs) and term supervisors in developing comprehensive information for their unit and the TMOs rostered.

The accreditation internal review policy provides a framework to effectively facilitate the accreditation appeals process.

The SA MET Health Advisory Council’s commitment to giving a broad range of stakeholders the opportunity to contribute to accreditation policies and processes are underpinned by the accreditation stakeholder consultation guideline.


The New Unit Accreditation Process outlines the steps required to accredit a unit within a LHN based training program.

The LHN accreditation process outlines the steps required to accredit a LHN for prevocational training every four years. The LHN accreditation submission guide will provide support for the LHNs to complete the LHN submission template.

The Change of Circumstance process outlines the steps required to accredit a change of circumstance to a unit, facility or LHN.

The Out of Session Request Process outlines the steps required to submit an out of session request whereby accreditation decisions are sought from Accreditation Committee members outside of the regular meetings.

The accreditation proviso reporting process defines accreditation provisos and recommendations and describes the responsibilities for LHNs following an SA MET accreditation report, to ensure any provisos and recommendations are met.

The Local Health Network Mid-Cycle Reporting Process outlines the reporting requirements for LHNs that have been granted four year accreditation period for prevocational training.

The process for responding to concerns describes how to deal with a concern raised about the education and training of Trainee Medical Officers (TMOs) in South Australia outside of the scheduled accreditation process.