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Internship Application Guideline

About the Internship Year

The intern year marks the transition from student to medical practitioner. It provides the experience of applying the theory to the treatment of patients as a responsible professional. The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Ahpra) issues medical graduates with provisional registration to undertake this period of supervised practice.

The intern year involves at least 47 weeks of satisfactory, supervised clinical experience that includes a minimum of four terms (of at least 10 weeks each term) in different specialties. During the 47 weeks, interns can only practice a maximum of 25% in any one subspecialty and a maximum total of 50% in any one specialty (including its subspecialties). This is to ensure interns have a breadth of exposure across a range of specialties.

During the year the interns will be required to gain direct clinical experience in each of the following clinical care categories:

  • Care of patients with undifferentiated presentations,
  • Perioperative/procedural care
  • Care of patients with chronic illnesses, and
  • Care of patients with acute and critical illnesses.

At the completion of the intern year, the employing hospital is required to certify that the internship has been completed satisfactorily, including details of completed rotations.  Ahpra will grant general registration when it receives confirmation that the internship has been satisfactorily completed, along with other requirements.

There are nine training networks in South Australia where you may undertake your intern year. During this year you may request, or be required, to undertake one or more rotations in any of the locations within the networks.

Sunrise EMR & PAS Medical Student Training Registration

UPDATE: Registrations for Sunrise EMR & PAS Medical Student Training for the 2025 Clinical year Internship Application Process will close on Monday 3 June 2024.

This training is only required if you have not undertaken Sunrise EMR & PAS training at a South Australian university.

Please refer to the South Australian Internship Application Guideline for further information.  

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