Transfer of Information Guideline

The Transfer of Information Guideline provides medical students with the opportunity to optimise the transition into internship.

This voluntary and confidential process is available for medical students to share information for the dual purpose of ensuring:

  • The intern is well supported during transition and throughout their internship,
  • Patient safety is always optimised.

This guideline uses a strengths-based approach to identify areas for development.  It provides an opportunity for medical students to share their story with the employing Local Health Network (LHN) to facilitate successful and positive transition from medical school into internship. Examples where students feel an issue has impacted their studies, and may also impact their work needs or performance include:

  • Elite athlete status at university
  • An access plan at university
  • Identified specific performance areas of concern
  • Health issues which may impact work performance
  • Returning from prolonged leave of absence from university.

Medical students can choose to provide the transfer of information form directly to the employing LHN or to use the form as a guide for a confidential face-to-face discussion with the Director of Clinical Training (DCT) or Medical Education Officer (MEO) within the employing LHN.

Sharing this information with the employing LHN allows those who will be supporting the intern during this important year to have some insight into any areas where they may require extra support for a successful transition.  This also ensures these supports are considered prior to the commencement of the intern year. Be assured, any information is treated confidentially.

View the Transfer of Information Guideline   For further information, Contact SA MET