Accreditation resources

Prevocational accreditation process

A range of  accreditation processes have been developed to ensure TMOs receive high quality education, training, assessment and support.


The Accreditation Policy outlines the principles that underpin an open and transparent accreditation system.


The Guide to Accreditation ensures the accreditation processes are efficient and effective.

The Accreditation Internal Review Policy (Ver. 1.7, Nov. 2022) provides a framework to effectively facilitate the accreditation appeals process.

The SA MET Health Advisory Council’s commitment to giving a broad range of stakeholders the opportunity to contribute to accreditation policies and processes are underpinned by the Accreditation Stakeholder Consultation Guideline (Ver. 0.6, Nov. 2022).


Please refer to the Accreditation Process page.

Developing a term description

The term description document provides important information to TMOs regarding each rotation. Term supervisors should have considerable input into the content of the term description and are responsible for approving the content. In determining learning objectives, supervisors should refer to the Australian Curriculum Framework for Junior Doctors (ACFJD).

Term descriptions may be supplemented by additional information such as clinical protocols that are specifically relevant to that term.

Update a term description with ten questions

This checklist will assist term supervisors reviewing intern and PGY2+ term descriptions.

SA Health policies relevant to accreditation