SA MET Health Advisory Council Functions

The Minister for Health and Wellbeing has established the South Australian Medical Education and Training Health Advisory Council (“the Advisory Council”) as an unincorporated health advisory council pursuant to section 15 of the Health Care Act 2008 (“the Act”). The Advisory Council is established to:

  • Improve the quality of education, training and welfare for Trainee Medical Officers (TMO) within the State; and
  • Make recommendations for the accreditation of TMO positions in health services.

The functions of the Advisory Council are to:

  • Provide leadership in postgraduate medical education and training in the State;
  • Provide expert advice to the Minister, the Chief executive and the Department on matters relating to postgraduate medical education and training, accreditation of medical training and issues surrounding the education and employment of international medical graduates;
  • Identify, evaluate, monitor and promote medical education and training programs for TMOs and their trainers, in conjunction with key stakeholders;
  • Work with vocational training Colleges to achieve high quality vocational training;
  • Promote and actively encourage innovation in postgraduate medical training;
  • Undertake the accreditation and monitoring of individual TMO positions in the clinical units, facilities and networks that support these positions using national and jurisdictional standards;
  • Provide advice to the Department, after consulting with stakeholders, on the suitability of TMO positions within the State;
  • Notify the South Australian Board of the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) of the Advisory Council’s recommendations in relation to accreditation of postgraduate year 1 training positions;
  • Develop linkages and agreements with accreditation agencies and education providers;
  • Establish, maintain and promote partnerships with relevant national and jurisdictional organisations;
  • Contribute to a national core competency set for pre-vocational training and undertake research in relation to education and training pathways, assessment and the needs of international graduates; and
  • Receive feedback from trainee medical officers about relevant safety and quality matters and advocate to health services about postgraduate training, health and welfare issues.

For further information on the operations of the Advisory Council, see the Advisory Council Rules

Annual Reports

Each year the SA MET HAC reports on the operations of the Advisory Council, for further information about these reports see SA MET HAC Annual Reports.